Cookies 🍪

Easy Read, Write and Delete browser cookies
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ℹ️ Introduction

Cookies allow you to store user's data without using Bubble's database. And this plugin makes the cookies management very simple.
Use cases: Save user preferences for language, dark/light mode, currency, country, visit numbers, last visit date, any stats etc

🔥 Features

  • Read a cookie by name
  • Delete a cookie by name
  • Add a cookie: name + value + expiration (in days)
  • Read all cookies

📚 Documentation

Available actions:
  • Read a Cookie by name
  • Write a Cookie: define a name, value and expiration (in days)
  • Delete a Cookie by name
  • Read all Cookies
Available states:
  • Cookie: available after "Read a Cookie" action
  • All Cookies: available after "Read all Cookies" action
Plugin is very easy to use. Check our demo for a detailed example.