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Device by Screen Size πŸ“± πŸ–₯ πŸ“Ί
Plugin allows you to get the current screen size (xs, sm, md, lg) and/or receive an appropriate event every time user changes the screen size.

πŸ”— Links

​Demo | Editor​
​Plugin page​

πŸ”₯ Features

    Get current screen size: extra small (xs), small (sm), medium (md), large (lg)
    Triggers an appropriate event every time screen size changes
    Define your custom width for every screen size
Default values:
    XS screen: 0px - 768px
    SM screen: 768px - 992px
    MD screen: 992px - 1200px
    LG screen: > 1200px

πŸ“š Documentation

Available events (events trigger workflows, such as a click):
Available state (states let users access data from this element):
    Screen. Possible values: xs, sm, md, lg
Check our demo for a detailed usage example.
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