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Plugin provides rich information about the user: status (active/idle/browser tab not active), IP address, country, city, lat/lng, internet provider etc
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ℹ️ Introduction

Plugin used to track online visitors
🔥 Some use cases:
  • store visit analytics and statistics
  • number of visitors online / rich info about online visitors
  • visitors and opened pages
  • get rich visitor info
  • automatically logout user after X min of inactivity

🔥 Features

Plugin provides rich information about the user.
Based on IP address:
  • IP address
  • internet provider
  • timezone
  • Location: city, area_code, region, country, country_code (2 and 3 symbols), continent_code
  • lat/lng
  • accuracy (in km)
  • asn
Based on website interaction:
  • status: active; idle (inactive); hidden (browser is hidden or user is on another tab)
  • is Idle: whether user is active or not
  • Idle for (ms): time in ms of user inactivity
  • Time left (ms): time left before user will be considered inactive (idle)

📚 Documentation

  1. 1.
    Add the element to a page. Setup "Time to idle" (in seconds): time of inactivity before user becomes idle.
2. In workflow, use events "Status changed" and "IP info ready". Access plugin's shared states.