BubbleBook: a GitBook clone

BubbleBook is a GitBook clone

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ℹ️ Introduction

BubbleBook is a GitBook clone

How it works:

  • Registered users can create "Spaces" (aka projects) and add/edit pages

  • Spaces are highly customisable with logos, colors, sharable url...

  • Spaces can be publicly viewed

Use cases:

  • Creating project documentation

  • Organizing Ideas, personal notes

  • Creating knowledge bases

Demo Space: https://gitbook.bubbleapps.io/s/demo-space​

πŸ”₯ Features

  • Mobile Friendly design

  • Includes Website: Home, About and Pricing pages

  • Inner Pages: Spaces, Settings, Edit Space, View Space etc

  • Sign In, Sign Up, Password Reset...

πŸ–Ό Screenshots

Space example
Landing page
Spaces management
Space editing