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Eatics: Food Delivery Platform like Uber Eats 🍔

Eatics is a no-code template to build a food delivery (and pickup) platform like Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Foodora.
​Template page​

ℹ️ Introduction

Eatics is a Marketplace. Customers can find nearest restaurants, add dishes to the basket, pay online and track the order delivery in real time.
What’s inside:
  • Frontend Website (restaurants list, order, …)
  • Customer App (track orders, orders history, …)
  • Courier App (assign orders, chat, …)
  • Restaurant Owner App (edit menu, orders management, …)
  • Platform Owner Backend (analytics, settings, chat, …)

🔥 Features

Main Features

  • Delivery and Pickup support
  • Responsive design
  • Search nearest restaurants in a given location
  • Filter restaurants by cuisine type
  • Payments via Stripe
  • Platform commission (split order payments)
  • Sign up as customer, restaurant owner, courier

Customer App

  • Add restaurants to favourites
  • Track Orders
  • Order History
  • Update profile info

Courier App

  • Mobile first design
  • Assign Orders
  • Orders history
  • Chat with office
  • Update profile info

Restaurant Owner Backend

  • Orders management: accept, reject, track status
  • Analytics
  • Edit restaurant menu
  • Customers list, export to CSV
  • Edit restaurant settings, Opening hours, Payments…

Platform owner Backend

  • Restaurants management
  • Couriers management
  • Analytics
  • Chat
  • Customers management, export to CSV

🖼 Screenshots

Customer: Search nearest restaurants
Customer: Ordering process
Customer: Checkout and payment
Customer: Order tracking
Restaurant: Order Management
Courier: Order Management
Courier: Chat
Platform Owner: Dashboard

📚 Documentation

With some basic Bubble knowledges, you should be able to use the template very easily. In this section we cover some most important topics only.
For any questions you can always contact us: [email protected].

Testing payments

Demo bank card to test the payments integration: 4242 4242 4242 4242, any year and any CVV

Account types

The template has 4 account types: Restaurant owner, Courier, Admin and Customer.
Here is how it's reflected in the Database. Use this information anytime when you need to determine the user's role in your app:
  • Restaurant owner: owned_restaurant field is not empty
  • Courier: is_courier field is True
  • Admin: is_admin field is True
  • Else: Customer

How to create an admin account

In order to create an admin (platform owner) account, Sign Up as a normal customer, then go to Database and set the is_admin field to True.

How to connect your Stripe account

In order to connect your Stripe account, go to Plugins tab and select Stripe plugin there.
You'll need to insert here: Client ID, Secret key, Publishable key. You can simply copy-paste all these information from your Stripe account.
See Official documentation for the detailed instruction.

How to add Google API keys

In order to use Google maps, addresses and geolocation, you should add a Google API key under Settings > General > General services API Keys.
See Official documentation for the detailed instruction.

Further support

Need support? Get in touch: [email protected]