Page Close Event πŸšͺ

Plugin triggers an event when user is about to close the page. This can be used to show a popup with a promo code etc. It works on desktop and mobile

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πŸ”₯ Features

  • Very easy configuration

  • Work on mobile and desktop

  • Event sensitivity configuration

πŸ“š Documentation

➑️ Quick Start

  1. Add the Page Close Event element on the page:

2. Use the "Page Close" event in your Workflow to show a popup or make any other action:

➑️ Element Fields







The bounce detection method. Default: auto.

  • mouse: For desktop browsers. Detects bounces based on the mouse's direction, velocity and distance from the top of the page.

  • history: For mobile browsers. Triggers when the visitor clicks on the browser's back button.

  • auto: Automatically picks a method based on the device type.



The minimum distance in pixels from the top of the page to consider triggering for. Default: 100



The minimum distance the mouse has to have moved in the last 10 mouse events for onBounce to be triggered. Default: 10